BTS Took Over The Naver Building After Their Latest Accomplishment

Here’s how Naver made sure everyone knows about BTS’ new achievement!

BTS is getting really good at taking the spotlight. The boy group’s latest accomplishment, of reaching 10 million followers on their live broadcast channel as the first ever to do so nationwide, has the entire South Korean Naver company building showing it off with a “lit” message!


On July 27th 2018, Naver’s headquarter in Seongnam City, Korea surprised everyone with a special building art that read, “V ♥️ BTS 10M”.


Celebrating BTS’ live broadcast channel now followed by 10 million viewers, Naver went all out to show its love for the boy group!

BTS boys gained 1 million viewers on their live broadcast channel in October of 2015. In less than three years, the members have increased the number of followers by tenfold!


Fans are also celebrating with hashtags like #BTS_VLIVE_10million and #BTSx10MVAPP.


Some ARMYs are counting on RM and Jungkook to keep their promises, made back in 2016 when the channel reached 3 million followers and the members hoped to reach 10 million someday.

“When we get 10 million, Jungkook will release a song.”

— RM


J-Hope also made a promise of his own, to show his abs for 10 million viewers, but ARMYs aren’t pressing him.


All that aside, BTS should be celebrating in all kinds of ways for becoming the first boy group to reach 10 million followers on the live channel!

Congrats, BTS!