A 3-Minute Clip Of BTS In Slow Motion With No Captions Is Something We Didn’t Know We Needed

ARMYs are being well-fed with content!

ARMYs are being fed with content as tvN dropped the second teaser for You Quiz On The Block featuring BTS.

| You Quiz On The Block/tvN

From V’s visuals to Jin’s worldwide handsome beauty, this three-minute clip has fans going wild for the members.

You could literally pause anywhere in the video and it would be visual overload!

We start out with a pan-through of the members…

…to dancing with ear muffs…

…to visuals…

…after visuals…

…after visuals!

The final slo-mo scene at the ending is just *chef’s kiss*!

Netizens that saw this video were in shock with their visuals!

  • “They all look so happy! I can’t wait to watch the show!”
  • “The ending for this teaser looks like a movie trailer.”
  • “We are forever grateful for this video!”
  • “Why are they all so pretty and cute!”

Stay tuned for the show on March 24 at 8:40 PM KST!

Source: theqoo