BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook Are Breaking Twitter Again 

Jimin popped by Twitter to thank fans for their support.

“JIKOOK” is a trending topic again thanks to BTS‘s JiminJungkook, and a sweet thank you message to ARMY.

On September 30, Jimin popped by Twitter after recovering from feeling unwell. “I haven’t been feeling well these past few days,” he wrote in his first tweet, “so I came back late. I’m sorry for making you wait…”

He went on to thank ARMY for helping BTS’s song “Dynamite” top the Billboard “Hot 100” chart for the third time, and to wish them a happy Chuseok.

First of allI’d like to sincerely thank you for allowing us to place first on the ‘Hot 100’ chart again. I was really happy because I know just how meaningful that is. As always, it’s all thanks to you. Don’t forget that. And enjoy Chuseok with your families!

— Jimin

“Thank you always, and I love you,” Jimin wrote in his second tweet. “(I’m all better now so don’t worry!) #JIMIN #ourarmysgotanaward.” He included a video of himself and Jungkook showing love for ARMY with finger hearts.