BTS’s V Is Taking ARMY To The Gym With His New Workout Video

He shared his workout with fans on Twitter.

It’s time to get off the couch and get into shape with BTS‘s V!

With the world on lockdown for COVID-19, it’s tempting to laze around and binge K-Dramas all day, but V’s new workout video may inspire you to exercise at home.

On April 17, V shared a video of himself working out with a trainer. The video, captioned “ARMY, look, I’m flying, flying, I’m leaving now, bye”, shows V working out his shoulders with a variety of flys and dumbbells.

Fans are thrilled to get this update from V, though some a little concerned about his safety! Like Jungkook, V is not wearing gym-appropriate shoes for his workout.

It may be a while until ARMY and V see each other face to face again, but fans are wishing him good health and happiness until then!