BTS And TXT Try Hula-Hooping…And The Results Are Hilarious

Big Hit artists can sing and dance, but can they hula-hoop?

After taking on the challenge of hula-hooping across a room, the boys of BTS and TXT showed they’re capable of anything — even if they look incredibly silly in the process. Check out how each member performed in the challenge below!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

V had to create his own technique in order to make it to the end successfully.

His baby steps were just as practical as they were adorable!

Meanwhile, Yeonjun‘s plan was the exact opposite: Throw the hula-hoop and hope for the best.

The bigger the steps for him, the better!

J-Hope was doing well…until he saw a glimpse of how hilarious he looked in the mirror.

He couldn’t help but collapse at the ridiculous sight of himself!

On the contrary, Soobin made it look like a walk in the park. He barely had to try to succeed!

A popular technique was “speed is key,” performed by Suga

…and Beomgyu, who both ran at the speed of light.

RM had a different approach and used hopping as a method of travel.

Jin tried a similar technique, but with more of a skip.

He definitely had to get the hang of it first, though!

Taehyun proved his superior core skills with his quick and efficient execution of the mission.

Jimin‘s background as a dancer also lead him to success.

Jungkook was also able to quickly catch on and pass the challenge.

Who expected anything less from the golden maknae?

On the other hand, TXT’s adorable maknae Huening Kai may have struggled a bit…

…but he certainly had the most fun!

We can add hula-hooping to the list of BTS and TXT’s never-ending talents!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter