Introducing RE;CODE: The Sustainable Fashion Brand Behind BTS’s Suits At The UN General Assembly

BTS is showing that actions speak louder than words!

When BTS participated at the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York, they stole the hearts of ARMYs worldwide! Yet, as well as their comforting messages, fans couldn’t ignore how good all the members looked in their suits!

It now seems as if there are even more reasons to praise the member’s outfits.

The members of BTS at the UN General Assembly

ARMYs recently found an Instagram post from Korean fashion RE;CODE explaining that they had created BTS’s suits for the event, and there was a special meaning behind the outfits. In particular, it caught the attention of fans for being a label that prides itself on being a sustainable fashion brand.

| @recode_/ Instagram

In the image’s caption, the post explained that the label’s newest collection, which includes the suits, is an upcycling fashion brand designing a new collection using stock clothes and environment-friendly fabrics. They added, “This (BTS’s) suit design aims to support sustainable fashion, and it is particularly designed for BTS’ speech at United Nations.

It was particularly symbolic as one of the main issues tackled during the event was the issue of climate change worldwide. Although it might seem minor, fashion contributes to the issues as the industry through harmful gases and lack of proper disposal.

During their speech, RM and J-Hope touched upon the issue of climate change. While RM praised young people for looking to a future with change, J-Hope looked at how important a topic it is.

Everyone agrees that climate change is an important problem, in talking about what the best solution might be, that’s not easy; it’s a topic that’s tough to make conclusions about.

— J-Hope

| United Nations/ YouTube

RE;CODE was created in 2012 and they launched with the slogan “THIS IS NOT JUST FASHION.”

According to the website, the brand is hoping to be a leading figure in Korean fashion to help the environment. Through their designs, they emphasize reusing material and manufacturing bespoke pieces by hand.

The brand introduces conscientious fashion with an innovative solution, which refers to upcycling deadstock for new use. RE;CODE breaks fashion stereotypes and encourages the world to join the movement for the environment and sustainable society.

| The Korea Herald/ YouTube

Once again, BTS proves that sometimes words can help a cause, but it is the small actions that impact. Although speaking about climate change could make a difference, wearing a brand like this shows they are also committed to doing their bit for the environment.

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