BTS’s Jimin And V Reveal How They Have Changed In Their 20s

The described the changes they have seen in each other.

When BTS debuted, Jimin and were both in their late teens. They grew into their 20s together, each watching the other become the person he is today.

On June 9, BTS dropped three new interview videos for 2020 FESTARM and Suga with “Respect”, Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope with “Jamais Vu”, and V and Jimin with “Friends.” In each video, the members talked about their subunit songs, and what it was like to work together.

V and Jimin were also asked to describe how the other has changed since his teen years. What is the difference between their 20-something selves and their teenage selves?

According to V, Jimin’s tiny pinky fingers have grown…

…while his cute cheeks have vanished.

Jimin took a moment to “scan” V in, thinking about his answer.

According to Jimin, V was much more mischievous as a teenager, and his fashion choices reflected this.

He misses seeing this side of V, but it isn’t totally gone. It still shows up now and then.

Now, from his looks to his personality, V has matured in his 20s. Jimin has even noticed a change in the way that he sits!

Watch their interview here: