BTS’s “Universe Story” Game Is Here And It’s Pure Chaos, Thanks To ARMY

Fans are creating their own hilarious BTS stories.

BTS Universe Story is finally here!

On September 24, Netmarble released their second BTS mobile game. Unlike the first game, BTS WORLD, BTS Universe Story is based on the BTS Universe (BU) and the fictional lives BTS lives within their music videos.

This sandbox game is packed with gameplay options that allow fans to delve deeper into the BU or create their own fun content.

| @BUSgameOfficial/Twitter

The augmented reality features allow players to swap their faces BTS’s animated selves…

…and move the members into real-life places.

| @katissavage/Twitter
| @katissavage/Twitter

Players can also create their own episodes by writing BTS’s storylines and dialogue.

In other words, Netmarble is giving ARMY free rein, and fans are already taking full advantage of it!

Fake V is spilling real tea. 

Check out a beginner’s guide to the game here:

How To Play (And NOT Play) The New “BTS Universe Story” Game