How To Play (And NOT Play) The New “BTS Universe Story” Game

A beginner’s guide to the game’s features, gameplay, and rules.

Netmarble‘s new BTS game is finally here! Here’s everything you need to know about the fun features to play with and rules to abide by in BTS Universe Story.

1. Choose your own adventure

If you enjoyed the “Another Story” gameplay in BTS WORLD, this feature is for you. BTS Universe Story features original stories that cast BTS’s members in new fictional roles, such as detectives.

Players are given “Choose Your Own Adventure” style choices that determine the outcome of these stories.

Like BTS WORLD, this game uses a ticket system. Each episode costs the player one free ticket, and when those tickets run out players have the option to wait for more free tickets or purchase tickets to continue.

2. Augmented reality

The AR features let players swap their faces BTS’s animated selves…

…and move the members into real-life spaces. Through AR, BTS can hang out and dance wherever you are.

3. Styling

Congrats, you’re now BTS’s stylist! Players can choose everything from BTS’s haircuts and colors…

….to their outfits. Many of these clothes are from reality…

…and others are pure fantasy.

4. Write your own episodes

BTS Universe Story is giving fanfiction enthusiasts a new outlet for their creativity. To write your own episodes, choose your setting, select and arrange your cast of characters…

…write the dialogue…

…and watch your story unfold!

5. Rules

The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity, but like all games, BTS Universe Story has rules that players must follow.

These rules prohibit stories that contain illegal, violent, abusive, defamatory, and sexually explicit content. Players are also discouraged from implying romantic relationships between BTS’s members.

| Netmarble/BTS Universe Story

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