BTS Helped “All Of Us Are Dead” Actress Lee Yoo Mi Overcome Her Self-Image Issues—Here’s How

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It’s safe to say that actress Lee Yoo Mi has been having one of the most successful career-highs in the past few months. With her previous appearance in Squid Game and now, with her amazing portrayal of Na Yeon in All of Us Are Dead, Lee Yoo Mi has officially soared to success.

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As she relishes in her newfound popularity, everything from her past is slowly being unearthed, including her past interviews. Back in 2019, the actress sat down for an interview with Newsis where she addressed something that is re-making headlines—her image issues.

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Lee Yoo Mi shared that she struggled with her looks before her debut, specifically her nose. The actress confessed that it was so bad, she considered getting plastic surgery with her mother because all she saw in the mirror was her imperfect nose.

However, she shared that now (back at the time of her 2019 interview), she came to fully accept and love her looks.

Now, I love my face more than anyone. I think it has a lot of charm.

— Lee Yoo Mi for Newsis

Durning her interview, Lee Yoo Mi further shared that it was actually in thanks to BTS‘s album Love Yourself that she was able to overcome her self-image issues. Through their constant message of loving and accepting yourself as you are, the actress was given the push and reminder that she needed to love herself too.


She concluded the interview by joking around about her looks, stating that if she were to have gone through with a nose job, she wouldn’t have “become successful.”

If my face remained the same, but just my nose was [fixed] higher, I don’t think I would have become successful.

— Lee Yoo Mi for Newsis

Lee Yoo Mi, who has been seeing mass success following her appearances in two global hits Squid Game and All of Us Are Dead, has been in the acting industry for 12 years. She debuted back in 2010 in the thriller film The Yellow Sea and has since been limited to minor supporting roles.

Lee Yoo Mi as Na Yeon in “All of Us Are Dead.”

It wasn’t until her appearance in the raw, heart-wrenching survival series Squid Game that Lee Yoo Mi began to see the global recognition she deserved.

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