BTS V’s Past Actions Become A Hot Topic After An ARMY’s Hilarious Loophole To Suga’s “No iPhone” Rule On Tour

Here’s why the internet is saying, “The ARMY pulled a ‘Taehyung.'”

BTS‘s V has become a hot topic online after an ARMY’s hilarious actions at Suga‘s recent “Agust D” concert in Chicago.

BTS’s V (left) and Suga (right)

On May 3 (local time), Suga continued his world tour after performing in Chicago. As expected, the idol shocked fans with his unreal performances and had ARMYs on the edge of their seats with his charisma and presence on stage.

Suga in Chicago | @bts_bighit/Twitter
| @bts_bighit/Twitter
| @bts_bighit/Twitter

After an ARMY lived the Y/N life when Suga took the phone and started recording, he made fans go out to buy a Samsung when he said he wasn’t going to take any more iPhones…

After the announcement, some smart ARMYs found a way to disguise their phones in the hope that Suga wouldn’t notice.

During the Chicago show, a fan proved that the loophole almost worked after their disguise was so realistic that Suga actually went to get the phone. That was until he got closer and saw what had happened, adding, “Are you kidding me?”

After the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that the fan had found a loophole and that Suga’s reaction was as iconic as the ARMY’s phone disguise.

Looking closely at the phone, the ARMY covered the back and wrote Samsung in both English and Korean.

The phone details used to “trick” Suga | @akira_choco/Twitter

Yet, the reason that V was being brought up was that ARMYs brought back the idol’s own attempts at hiding his iPhone. While BTS was known for its Samsung partnership, V still had an iPhone and, on social media, would either blur out the phone…

BTS V’s hilarious attempts at hiding his iPhone

Or, like the ARMY did, not only blur the iPhone out but write the Korean word for Samsung instead.

In 2020, V sent the internet into meltdown with this hilarious edit

After seeing the fan’s hilarious attempt at finding a loophole during Suga’s concert and linking it to V’s own edits, social media was full of iconic reactions. While some said the ARMY was inspired by V, others joked that they wouldn’t be surprised if it was V in the crowd.

Many even joked that it was probably how V had to live around Suga, always ensuring that his iPhone was disguised in a certain way.

As always, ARMYs are extremely creative, and it’s not surprising, considering the members are the same. Whether the ARMY took inspiration from V or not, it was truly an iconic moment and one that Suga won’t forget.


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