BTS’s V Proves Just How Much He Misses Jin During His Recent Live Broadcast

He even gave ARMYs an update on Jin!

BTS is like a family; after being together for so long, it isn’t surprising that the members are always thinking about each other.

Recently, BTS’s V made ARMYs emotional when talking about fellow member Jin

BTS’s V (left) and Jin (right)

In December 2022, Jin became the first member of BTS to enlist for their mandatory military service. Luckily, official army posts kept fans updated with what the idol was doing…

The first image of Jin in his uniform via the official “The Camp” app | The Camp

But sometimes, it’s stories about Jin from the members that really hits home.

On January 24, V surprised fans with a live broadcast where he showcased his barefaced visuals, spoke about Jungkook, and updated fans with what he’s been doing.

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse 

During the broadcast, V made ARMYs soft when he started talking about what Jin would do if he could watch. The idol shared, “Around this time, Jin would come saying, ‘Hiyo!'” referring to Jin appearing in the comments.

| BTS/Weverse 

If that wasn’t enough, V continued to say that Jin would have definitely been in the comments of the broadcast, adding, “He’d come saying something like, ‘buhuh.'”

| BTS/Weverse

Luckily, V also had another update for fans about Jin, revealing that he’d spoken to the group’s earlier member. V explained, “He contacted me recently, he said he’s working hard.”

| BTS/Weverse

Of course, ARMYs know how active Jin is when the members do some live streams. Since the members started using Weverse for live broadcasts, Jin has always appeared in the comments and cheered on the rest of the group.

| BTS/Weverse

Considering it was V’s first broadcast since Jin left, it isn’t surprising that he felt nostalgic.

Yet, V isn’t the only member to share how much they miss Jin. Earlier in the month, the group’s oldest member returned to Weverse to update fans after finishing his training during his enlistment.

I’m having a good time. I am posting this picture after receiving permission from the military. ARMYs always be happy and be well.

— Jin

BTS Jin’s first post following his training | Weverse

J-Hope quickly shared his love for Jin and gave him his support, replying, “Love you, brother.” While also in Paris, Jimin also commented under the post, writing, “You’ve worked hard. As expected, hyung is cool.”

J-Hope’s comment | BTS/Weverse
Jimin’s comment | BTS/Weverse

Even though Jin might be serving, the members always make sure to show their love for him in any way possible. It also proves how much they speak to each other, cementing their bond that is more like a family than just members of the same group.

You can read more about V’s live broadcast below.

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Source: Weverse


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