BTS’s V Gives ARMY Wise Advice For When Your Effort Doesn’t Work

He’s so smart!

BTS‘s V is known for his sweet words to fans. However, his most recent advice is gaining attention for his lighthearted display of wisdom.

When answering a question about what to do when hard work isn’t enough to reach your goals, his thoughtful answer provided a new way of thinking about it.

If it seems you can’t ever ‘get there,’ then… I’d try a different route. That’s how I’ve been leading life. If I can’t get to a point I’d like, I take a detour—and that detour could lead you to the answer.

— V

For example… Let’s say I absolutely have to eat soybeans. But I can’t get myself to do that. I can’t eat soybeans. Then, I look for an alternative. I’d eat tofu. I can do tofu. And tofu would have the same nutrients and vitamins that soybeans would have. So it’d work out in the end, right? Look for different ways.

— V

V’s unique way of looking at achieving success, followed by his adorable anecdote, shows just how thoughtful he is. Plus, fans already know how much he hates soybeans!

Listen to the full clip below.