BTS’s V Gives Fans Advice On How To Make Friends At A New School

Will you try it this semester?

With the start of a new semester, BTS‘s V has the best advice to making new friends on the first day!


One fan asked V if he had any unique advice to making new friends from the very beginning of the semester.

Oppa the new semester starts soon. How do I make friends?ㅠㅠ What should I say while I walk into the classroom for the first timeㅠ Do you have your own unique method..??

— Fan


Ever the social butterfly making friends left and right, V had the best advice for his fans! He wrote out the whole scenario line by line in his dialect!

First, you call out the most popular kid in the class.

(Open door) Who’s the most popular here? (Yeah, that’s me) You’re the most popular? Ha… man ㅋㅋ (take a breath) That’s right, you’re the most popular❤️ and I’m the most playful💛 Our characters don’t overlap each other~~ (Smile about 60%, a smile that will show that we don’t share the same position in the class)

— V


Not only do you end with a smile, but with the signature V pose. And not one near your face but a specific length apart from you!

Don’t forget the last victory V at the end. Don’t do it near your face. Shoot out your arm towards them with the V and smile. The end. Over. Perfect. You win.

— V


And make sure you do it just before the teacher comes in! And make sure to sit in front of the most popular kid so you can give them V’s last signature move!

If you’re really going to do it, do it 30 seconds before the teacher comes in.

(Open door) Teacher: Everyone sit. What’s everyone doing standing up on the first day of class.

Sit down, and while the teacher is going over the homeroom stuff, turn around to face the popular kid and give them a slight wink, and you’ll become friends (It has to be a wink of friendship)

— V


Imagine getting this wink at the first day of class… Who wouldn’t want to become friends with you?!


And that concludes V’s signature method to making new friends on the first day of school!


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