Online Translator Gone Wrong — ARMYs Misunderstand BTS’s V, But Try To Help Anyway

He asked for help, but got laughs in return.

These AI-Generated photos have been all-the-rage recently in South Korea. A simple upload to the EPIK application gives you a whole range of yearbook-themed photos. Here’s an example from comedian Lee Guk Joo.

| theqoo

It’s no surprise that even famous stars such as BTS would have heard of the new trend too. V wanted to hop on the trend, but didn’t know where to start. He turned to ARMY for help. V replied to a random post on Weverse, asking fans about “the app to turn one into an international student.” As Korean yearbook photos do not look like that, the American yearbook photo aesthetic is a huge trend in South Korea now.

The fan he chose at random had posted a couple of shots from his solo.

  • Fan: Taehyung-time!
  • V: They said there’s an app that turns you into an international student. Where can I find this app?

Due to the way he phrased his question, it was easy to misconstrue what he meant using a web translator. Many international ARMY thought that V wanted to look for an app that could truly transform him into an international student. They began recommending various language-learning apps to the star.

Fan replies. | theqoo
  • What language does Taehyung want to learn?
  • You can receive a student visa from other countries and study internationally there… I think you probably don’t need to register.
Fan replies. | theqoo
  • There’s that most popular app for that in real life. It’s Tandem.
Fan replies. | theqoo
  • You are a singer, dancer, etc. But, it’s ok if studying is most important to me. Hii Tae. The best app for everyone to try is Duolingo. You can look for it on the Play Store. I’m also learning. All the best, Kim Taeyoung.

Although international ARMY did not manage to help the star, their hearts were in a good place. Later on, Korean fans who understood what he meant gave him the answer he was looking for!

Source: theqoo