BTS’s V Proves That His Alcohol Habits Never Change No Matter Who He Is With — Even When Surrounded By His “Jinny’s Kitchen” Co-Stars

BTS’s V is always consistent!

BTS‘s V recently proved that his drinking habits never change when it comes to alcohol, no matter who he is with.

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While most idols shared their love of alcohol, V has revealed his own specific preferences. In particular, while he doesn’t drink that much, the idol particularly isn’t fond of beer and revealed it during a Weverse broadcast back in March when he shared that he didn’t like it…

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Even saying that in his whole life, he’s probably only had it three times.

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Sometimes, it is easy to change your habits or try and adapt to those around you. Luckily, it seems like V isn’t one of those people.

Recently, a new trailer has been released ahead of a special Jinny’s Kitchen spin-off show, and it already looks chaotic AF.


During the clip, the cast was just chilling out, and of course, what better way than to eat and have some drinks? ARMYs noticed that during one of the clips, when they all raised their glasses, while the cast was drinking beer, V had a glass of water.

When the clip was shared, netizens loved how V didn’t mind drinking water when the rest were drinking beer. Some joked that it cemented his “maknae” status, while others loved that he was still enjoying himself without alcohol.

It was very cute for ARMYs to see V drinking water, and showcases that while the idol’s tolerance for alcohol has increased over the years, his tastes haven’t really changed that much.

You can read more from the trailer below.

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