BTS’s V And Alicia Keys Interacted On Twitter And Everyone Is Freaking Out

The power this duo holds 😱

BTS‘s very own is collecting his army of celebrity fans and it looks like he might have just added another one to his growing list!

| theqoo

The official BTS Twitter account uploaded an innocent video of V jamming and dancing along to Alicia Key‘s song “Love Looks Better”. As a fan, he shared his appreciation for the song and to his surprise, it looks like the Grammy winner reciprocated his love!

Alicia Keys responded to the BTS member’s jam session with this tweet, promoting BTS’s new album “Be” which is set to release November 20. Do I smell an ARMY in the making?

While their interaction may have been short, it was enough to excite fans all over. There have been an overwhelming amount of responses to the interaction with requests for a collaboration between the two!

| @pandulce_jm/Twitter

Please let this be the start of something magical. We need this collaboration to happen.

| @btssoop/Twitter

Pretty please? The power of this collaboration would be insane!

| @taefolio/Twitter

BTS fans were also quick to point out that after V’s car karaoke session of her song, “Love Looks Better” has been quickly trending #1 on various Korean websites. The power of BTS truly knows no end.

| @sweet_tae1230/Twitter

But more than anything, we can’t imagine how excited V must be right now as a fan of Alicia Keys!

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise as previously, the BTS member, along with the rest of the boy group expressed their love for her, during a debrief after the 2019 Grammy Awards.

| Variety

At this point, we can’t decide who we are more jealous of, V or Alicia Keys. Regardless, chaos has officially ensued and fans are now wanting a collaboration so we can only hope to see that happen in the near future.


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