BTS’s V Gains Attention For His Unexpected Actions Towards A Korean Reporter At Incheon Airport

The idol was on his way to Paris for a CELINE schedule!

BTS‘s V might be one of the biggest stars in the world, but the idol continues to showcase his true personality when interacting with those around him.

BTS’s V | @WinterVerry1230/Twitter

On May 15 (KST), BTS’s V arrived at Incheon Airport to head to Paris, France, for a special schedule with designer brand CELINE. Unsurprisingly, the idol looked stunning in his luxurious outfit and custom bag.

Aside from looking gorgeous, V gained attention for the way he treated reporters and those waiting for him at Incheon Airport.

As soon as V stepped out of the car, he made sure to walk up to the media waiting and pose cutely for photos. Even as he walked through the airport, he made sure to wave at fans.


Well, it seems like one particular reporter was a successful ARMY as he had several adorable interactions with the idol.

In a video shared online, as V was walking past the media, fans noticed that the idol touched one of the reporter’s hands while he was walking, with an adorable look on his face.

| Newsen/YouTube

Of course, the media were doing their jobs, and it wouldn’t have been surprising if the reporter didn’t realize what happened… but it couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The reporter definitely realized what happened and couldn’t help but share his emotions with the ARMYs watching. In another clip, you could hear that the reporter hilariously bragged that V had held his hand before going.

If that wasn’t enough, the reporter suddenly said, “Taehyung held my hand again.” Whether it was just the media or ARMYs around the reporter, his comment earned laughter from those around him.

When the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t get over the interactions between V and the reporter, loving how the idol was always caring and interacted with those waiting for him.

Even after the idol left, those who had waited for him for photos couldn’t stop gushing about how handsome the idol was in the airport. Considering his visuals, outfit, and his personality, it wasn’t surprising that they all became ARMYs.

As always, V makes an impact wherever he goes, and millions of ARMYs probably wish they were the reporter. Despite being a global star, V always makes sure to make the media feel appreciated, even if it’s with the smallest gestures.

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