BTS’s V A.K.A “Intern Kim” Can’t Resist Cracking Jokes At The “Jinny’s Kitchen” Press Conference

“After shooting the show, I had to get 3 IV’s.” 🤣

In a new Bangtan Bomb, ARMYs can go behind the scenes with BTS‘s V to the production press conference of Jinny’s Kitchen.

Not only did V show off his signature good looks…

…he also brought his quirky charms, like when he had the cutest reaction to making a mistake on one of his lines!

However, like a true professional, he quickly succeeded right after.

After playing a game where the goal is to land the water bottle upright, the press conference officially began.

“Intern Kim” watched the highlight reel intently and laughed along with the funny moments.

He  made sure to lighten the mood of the press conference by throwing around a few jokes!

Hello, this is Kim Taehyung, the intern on Jinny’s Kitchen. Pleased to meet you al. I had lots of expectations as I was waiting for the shoot to begin. I had to ask a lot of questions asking how and why? But as I kept learning and working, I came to think cooking is something that couldn’t be so enjoyable.

— V

We couldn’t be more proud of V!

Check out the full video below.


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