BTS Members Shower V With Love For His Birthday With Supportive Messages

They posted the cutest videos!

In honor of V‘s 25th birthday, the BTS members have taken to Twitter to voice their love and support for him.


J-Hope began by posting a video of V looking dapper in a suit at a photoshoot.

The world’s coolest, and most lovable cutie

Happy birthday, our Taehyungie




— J-Hope

Notice how his suave expression immediately shifts to his signature goofy self while J-Hope films him.

He can’t contain the bashful smile from hisΒ hyung‘s attention!

However, J-Hope’s love didn’t stop there. He posted some artistic photos from “Hope Film,” his camera roll, starring the birthday boy.

The main star that makes up 80% of Hope Film


— J-Hope

Whether he’s the sole member of an audience…

| @bts_twt/Twitter

the star of a grayscale photo op…

| @bts_twt/Twitter

at one with nature…

| @bts_twt/Twitter

or indulging in some Christmas spirit, V is model material!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

To finish off his spree of Twitter posts, J-Hope revealed a ridiculously adorable video of the two goofing around.

Ending it with two goofballs


— J-Hope

Two handsome boys…

…who bring out the best in each other!

Jimin was the other member to post during the early morning hours of V’s birthday and wrote a concise and heartfelt message.

Happy Birthday

Let’s live a long and healthy live, my friend



— Jimin

They are three peas in a pod!

| @bts_twt/Twitter