Photographer Who Took The Alleged Video Of BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie Together Clarifies The Timeline Of Events

He claims it was done for the idols’ safety.

Following a video being shared of BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie allegedly on a date in Paris, the photographer believed to have shared the initial content has clarified the timeline of the events, claiming the timing was done for their safety.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram
BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On May 17, the two idols became a talking point when photos and videos of the pair allegedly on a date in Paris were spread online. While V was known to be in France for a CELINE schedule, Jennie is there for her upcoming appearance at Cannes Film Festival.

There was even more “proof” after V was allegedly spotted wearing the same jacket, and many noticed Jennie’s staff in the video wearing the same items seen previously.

It seems like since the photos and videos were spread, the photographer who took the shots went on social media to clarify the timeline and situation surrounding his photos.

On Instagram, one of the first posts from the photographer about the incident, Amar Taoualit revealed that although the videos gained attention on May 17, they were actually taken on May 15. He goes on to explain that he didn’t expect to see the two idols, and the quality was bad because he had to use his phone.

The photographer then shared the source of the close-up image of V, which seemingly shows the idol wearing the same jacket as the person in the initial video. He explained that the photo was taken by his friend after the two idols had gone their separate ways.

On May 18, the photographer shared more clarifications with a photo showing that the video was taken on Monday. He then claimed that it was taken in the evening at 11:36 PM and that he had posted it two days later for the idol’s safety.

The photographer then shared that he had posted the original video he had taken of Jennie and V, but this time without the music.

He then kept his promise and shared the actual video. Although the quality was still poor, it seemingly captured murmurs of what the couple was saying.

Neither HYBE nor YG Entertainment has directly addressed the matter, instead explaining that they do not know as it regards the private lives of their artists.

You can read the statement below.

HYBE And YG Entertainment Respond To Dating Rumors Surrounding BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Source: @taoualit__amar/Instagram
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