BTS’s V Reveals How “Blue & Grey” Helped Him Overcome Sadness

The song taught him one important lesson.

BTS‘s V went in-depth during the “BE-hind Story” interview about how creating “Blue & Grey” helped improve his mental state.

He revealed the song is an expression of the sad feelings he was dealing with at the time.

However, he doesn’t want people to read too much into the word “sadness” and instead focus on the positive outcome of him overcoming the negative feelings through creating the song.

He revealed the song taught him an important lesson.

I learned that ‘to escape from the feeling, you need a sense of accomplishment.’

— V

He addressed his emotional state head-on in order to get through it and creating helped give him the boost he needed to feel better.

Like a true artist, expressing his emotions is the way he feels his best.

Watch V’s full discussion of the song below!


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