BTS’s V Breaks The Internet After The Reveal Of His “ELLE Korea” Covers And New Status As CELINE’s Global Ambassador

V gives ARMYs the first look at his “ELLE Korea” feature.

BTS‘s V broke the internet on March 10 when ELLE Korea announced that the BTS member would be the next cover model for their April 2023 issue.


ELLE Korea posted a cryptic tweet, teasing fans by asking, “who will be the cover model of the April issue of ELLE Korea?”

The question was followed by three minimalist cover designs that stated, “V is coming.”

Typically, magazines will tease a few photos of the featured celebrity before the issue is released, but with BTS V’s name and star power alone, ELLE Korea catapulted to occupy the top three of the best sellers list on Aladin.

After stirring up hype for the magazine, V’s three magazine covers were finally revealed, and they’ve only left ARMYs wanting more.

V posed in three different styles, rocking CELINE after officially being named the luxury brand’s newest global ambassador only hours earlier, another incredible feat for V.

V, the biggest and the newest #CelineBoy, chose to be the cover star of ELLE Korea’s April issue as his official activity with CELINE…

— ELLE Korea

Fans have long speculated that a partnership with CELINE was underway for V after his show-stopping appearance at CELINE’s Paris Fashion Week show last summer.

BTS’s V in France for CELINE’s show during Paris Fashion Week in June 2022 | @thv/Instagram

After V posted the three photos on his personal Instagram and was officially named CELINE’s global ambassador, the BTS member broke the internet again.

Minutes after the photos dropped, CELINE’s website crashed due to the sudden spike in visitor traffic.

Shortly after, the popular online global web platform from Korea’s biggest internet company, Naver, also crashed.

A popular Korean online community board, theqoo, was already buzzing with a post generating over 14,000 views in the minutes after V’s magazine cover release.

And, of course, with his incredible global impact, he quickly took over the top 10 worldwide trends on Twitter.

V continues to trend across multiple social media platforms worldwide. ELLE Korea‘s April 2023 edition will be officially released on April 4, 2023.

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Source: Yahoo