BTS’s V Brings Back Chaotic Memories By Mentioning His Trainer’s Name During Livestream

Those were the wild times…

Recently, BTS member V did a short livestream on Weverse, talking to fans about random things. During the stream, he mentioned one of the BTS trainers, Woong. V shared that his trainer contacted him to talk about an old gaming livestream he did last year.

Soon after, ARMYs got busy trying to figure out the context of this specific conversation. The name Woong is the key part of this story. Last year on November 14, V went live on Weverse and played anΒ Among Us-inspired social elimination game calledΒ Goose Goose Duck. The indie game blew up almost immediately after many ARMYs flocked to Steam, the game’s official website.

| Weverse

V had added a few ARMYs as his co-players in the game, but one player stole the show entirely. This player, who went by the gamer name of Woong, went around killing any player who tried to get close to V, only to come running back to V’s avatar and stand still beside him. In the end, player Woong killed everyone in the game except V and gave him a quick kiss. The situation was already funny enough, but V’s frustrated and surprised face added more hilarity.

Soon enough, player Woong became a legendary figure in the fandom, to the point where the name started trending on Twitter!

The legend of the green duck Woong shall live on till eternity.