BTS’s V Reveals Why “Butter” And “Permission to Dance” Exude Teen Movie Vibes

V can be our leading man any day!

When BTS released their latest tracks, “Butter” and “Permission to Dance,” fans immediately noticed that the songs were more upbeat and pop-like than some of their previous releases. In particular, many fans even compared “Permission to Dance” to Disney‘s High School Musical franchise.


It seems as if it might not just have been ARMYs who thought that! Member V recently did an exclusive with Weverse Magazine, and when interviewer Myungseok Kang explained that “Butter” felt like a teen musical, V couldn’t agree with him more. He even added that he was inspired by the old teen movie Cry Baby, starring Johnny Depp.

I did it like a teen musical, just like you say. When we shot the ‘Butter’ music video, I really, really tried to shoot the part in the elevator so it would feel like a teen movie. Although a lot of takes were edited, so not all of it’s there.

— V


Yet, it wasn’t just because of the song’s feeling that made V want to create a musical within the video. It is the connotations of youthfulness that are key themes within these movies, and it is something V made sure to embody.

For me, teen movies show a youthfulness that’s appropriate for the age. I think there’s an appropriate mix of emotion, energy, and a completely different and peculiar mood that everyone necessarily experiences at that age.

— V

BTS’s V on the set for “Permission to Dance.”

Yet, even though the group’s songs might seem as if the ongoing theme is always positive, V clarified that it wasn’t always the case. For him, there is always a deeper message in these films.

If you watch teen movies, they’re overflowing with energy and full of sunny emotion, but behind it all they’re not as bright as they seem. They are really bright, but the color itself almost feels like some kind of filter.

— V

For many ARMYs, the same message can be seen in “Permission to Dance.” Although it has a positive message, it touches upon the hardships the world has faced during the pandemic.

If “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” are meant to resemble teen movies, then they are both very different in their vibes. Whereas “Butter” has a much cooler concept with block colors and stylish outfits, the group’s latest track is much brighter from the colors, scenery, and lyrics!

Yet, this difference is something V embraced when filming the music videos for each track. He wanted to show some contrast between the stories and emphasize the message of hope in “Permission to Dance.”

The teen movie vibe in ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ are different from one another. We showed the sunny image people usually think of when they think of teen movies in ‘Permission to Dance.’

— V


With so much uncertainty in the world, everyone needs some positivity, and these songs are the perfect way to try and forget your troubles and look to the future. ARMYs worldwide would happily listen to these songs and imagine they’re in a teen movie, with a happy ending in sight!

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