BTS’s V Calls For A Time Out On Doing Dance Challenges

And it’s all because of a popular survival show.

BTS’s V recently announced his break from doing dance challenges on Weverse.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Though it has been a while since TikTok dance challenges took over the K-Pop industry, BTS members have joined the trend only recently. V has so far appeared in a few challenge videos, including “Run BTS,” J-Hope’s “On the Street,” and NewJeans’ “Hype Boy.”

Despite impressing fans with his smooth moves every time, the singer has now called time out on doing dance challenges, and the reason is interestingly related to Mnet’s popular dance survival show Street Woman Fighter 2.

Of late, V has been sharing videos of him dancing with his crew, showing off his impressive ability to rock different styles of choreography while practicing in the HYBE dance studio.

But a recent upload shocked fans because the BTS member was seen dancing with the popular choreographer Bada Lee, who is currently a participant in Street Woman Fighter 2. They were also joined by another popular dancer GOF (also known as Lee Do Geon), and together they showed their powerful dancing skills while doing the “Smoke” dance challenge.

The dance was choreographed by Bada Lee on the Mnet show and soon became popular on social media, turning it into a trend.

V also posted a story showing off the ’95-born trio’s friendship, writing “Year of the golden pig” in the caption, signifying the zodiac of their birth year.

The video took ARMYs by surprise, seeing how V was able to hold his ground easily with two professional dancers right behind him. Social media platforms were flooded with praise immediately, and V noticed one of the posts on Weverse. In response to the OP’s (original poster) praise, he wrote that now he wants to take a break from doing dance challenges. It turns out that Bada Lee’s powerful choreography took its toll on V’s body.

OP: How did you think to do the smoke challenge? How did you know ARMYs wanted to see it? You danced it so well Taehyungahhhhh you really dance so well 🙀🙀🙀🙀

V: It’s going to be ‘no’ to challenges for the time being. After dancing this my neck hurts and my back hurts.

Rest assured, trust V to always go hard, whether it be a dance challenge or on stage!