BTS’s V Just Did A Photoshoot With A Lizard — And It’s Reminding ARMY Of This Iconic Clip

The difference is crazy! 🤣

BTS‘s V is dazzling ARMY with his latest photoshoot for W Korea. Wearing Cartier jewelry, the most unique part of the photoshoot is the lizard that crawls across his hands and arms while he poses for the camera!

V looks elegant with his slicked hair and fine jewelry, contrasting with his muscular arms on display.

Plus, his piercing gaze shows off his one-of-a-kind beauty!

Fans found this photoshoot to be completely different from 5 years ago when V encountered a wild lizard during Bon Voyage: Season 3.

As the lizard quickly vanished, V’s hilarious shocked expression says it all — and it seems he’s not a fan!

It sufficed to say the times have changed and V is a true professional on set.

Watch the full video of his photoshoot below!