BTS’s V Celebrated The End Of His Quarantine… And It Was A “Date” With His Bestie Choi Woo Shik

They are definitely #SquadGoals!

After their hectic schedule in America, the BTS members are slowly making their way back to Korea to enjoy their extended vacation time.

When the members arrived, they had to go straight into quarantine due to the current pandemic. However, fans didn’t need to worry about content because with Weverse and their new Instagram accounts, ARMYs have been inundated with content.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

However, it seems as if the members are slowly coming out of quarantine and are ready to enjoy their extended vacation time. In particular, member V has recently updated fans with his first outing.

Of course, it isn’t like V hasn’t already been sharing a lot of content with fans while in quarantine. He even sent the internet into meltdown after showing off his facial hair, which was only for a limited time.

| @thv/ Instagram 
| @thv/ Instagram

Although there is no update on whether the beard has gone or not, V has definitely been enjoying his first day of freedom and sharing his experiences with ARMYs. Yet, it wasn’t alone…

On December 20 (KST), V posted on his Instagram story with a familiar face, and it was none either than fellow Wooga Squad member and actor Choi Woo Shik. The two look very handsome in their warm and wintery outfits in the photo.

| @thv/ Instagram

At first, nobody knew what happened on this cute “date” to celebrate V’s newfound freedom. Luckily, V continued to cement his reputation, always ensuring that he provided ARMYs with updates. He then posted a picture of what looked like some artwork and a lot of paint cans.

| @thv/ Instagram

For the image’s caption, V wrote, “You make me wanna be a better man,” which are lyrics from his track “Snow Flower,” which is a track written with another member of the Wooga Squad, Peak Boy.

| @thv/ Instagram

As expected, as soon as the images were posted, fans couldn’t get over the adorable interactions and how Woo Shik was one of the first people V wanted to meet after his quarantine was over.

Of course, everyone knows that V is a talented artist, so it isn’t surprising that he chose to do something creative when he was finally allowed out. During the latest series of In the SOOP, he and the other members showcased their own art, and V’s was definitely beautiful.

| Weverse

It also isn’t the first time that V and Woo Shik have shown major #friendshipgoals in their trips out together.


As each of the members’ quarantine time comes to an end, hopefully, fans can see more of the members’ holiday with each other and other friends. You can read more about V’s time since returning to Korea below.

BTS’s V Sends ARMYs Into Meltdown After Revealing The True Nature Of His Facial Hair

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