BTS’s V Sends ARMYs Into Meltdown After Revealing The True Nature Of His Facial Hair

… But it won’t be here for long!

After a crazy busy trip to America, most BTS members have recently returned to Korea and are in quarantine because of the pandemic. While ARMYs thought there would be no content, the members opened their own Instagram accounts and updated fans regularly with everything going on!

One person who has been causing a stir with his new account is member V!


On his account, V has been sharing his own posts from his holiday, including the fun he had with J-Hope in Hawaii…

| @thv/ Instagram

But he’s also been commenting on the other members’ photos. In particular, he caught the attention of netizens after he commented on a picture posted by leader RM.

On December 15 (KST), RM shared an image of what he was up to in America. As expected, he looked so relaxed and happy on what seemed like a train or some public transport.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/ Instagram

The members started a chatroom in the comments, but V’s comment had fans screaming. He explained that he hadn’t posted any recent pictures because he was actually growing facial hair!

My mustache grew out a lot. People will probably be shocked if I post that, right?

— V

| @rkive/ Instagram

Although V posted a small video of what his facial hair was looking like, fans kept wanting proper updates on the status of his beard. It seemed as if ARMYs would have to cope with just that video…

| @thv/ Instagram 


On December 19 (KST), V went on Instagram to share an update with fans… and it was a proper video of V with his magnificent facial hair! If that wasn’t enough, he didn’t seem to be wearing a shirt either!

| @thv/ Instagram 

As expected, ARMYs worldwide went absolutely crazy on social media once the video was shared! The phrase “Kim Taehyung” was trending worldwide as fans shared their reactions to the video.

After posting the video, V went on to Weverse to talk to ARMY, and it was obvious that a lot of them were talking about the beard. However, it doesn’t seem as if the beard is to stay.

One ARMY shared how they thought V was so diligent on Instagram, saying, “ARMYs love that you’re super active on Instagram. Hehehe,” and V replied that his facial hair might not be to stay…

Alright, now it’s the end of (my) beard, so I’m going to shave off my beard~.

— V

| Weverse

While another fan, like many ARMYs worldwide, couldn’t stop praising the facial hair and even added, “Don’t shave.” Unfortunately, like the other post, V didn’t seem to feel the same and explained that now he’d shown proof, it was time to get rid of it.

I achieved my aim of quarantine this time… I (showed) proof and the end hahaha.

— V

| Weverse

However, one person who probably isn’t as upset as ARMYs about the loss of the beard is J-Hope! When V first revealed that he was growing the beard, J-Hope did not feel the same love as ARMYs, and he replied, “Control yourself.”

| @rkive/ Instagram

Whether V will actually get rid of the beard or not, it has been a great time for ARMYs, and there is no denying that V looks damn handsome! You can read more about the story of V’s facial hair below.

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