BTS’s V Catches The Eye Of His Celebrity Crush Lily Collins

He’s a truly successful fan!

Can you imagine being noticed by your celebrity crush?

BTS‘s V can now relate.


V has for a long time declared British-American actress Lily Collins (who is also the daughter of legendary musician Phil Collins) to be his favorite actress, even citing her film Love, Rosie.

He’s mentioned being a fan of hers not once but twice, even mentioning her when asked about celebrity crushes!

So, we can only imagine his excitement upon watching the second season of her show Emily in Paris on Netflix and hearing his own song play.

Netflix‘s Emily in Paris, a comedy-drama about Emily (Lily Collins), an American woman who joins a French marketing firm in Paris, premiered Season 2 on December 22, and one could say the new season started with a bang…

“Emily in Paris” poster.

At the end of Season 1, Emily’s friend Mindy (Ashley Park) landed a job emceeing at a drag bar. Here, in Season 2 – Episode 1, she performed “Dynamite” to an adoring audience.

Ashley Park as Mindy in “Emily in Paris.” | Netflix

So, after watching this scene, V shared it to his Instagram feed. He tagged the show’s official account and added a couple of sweet emojis, letting the crew know just how much he loved it!

Of course, the Emily in Paris social media manager got notified that none other than V himself had tagged them in a post! They then shared V’s official endorsement to their Instagram Stories.

| @emilyinparis/Instagram

Now not only did he get the attention of the show itself but the star, the one and only Lily Collins. He has officially caught the eye of his celebrity crush as she reposted Emily in Paris‘s post about V’s.

| @lilyjcollins/Instagram

V isn’t the only one gaining attention from the show’s stars. Recently, RM shared his own reaction to the scene on Instagram, and Ashley Park herself has been fangirling over it!

It seems everyone, from the Emily in Paris stars to even BTS, are successful fans!

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