BTS’s V Makes An Appearance At A CELINE Event In Japan — And The Crowds Showcase His Unreal Popularity

It was like the crowds were waiting for a mini V concert!

BTS‘s V showcased his unreal visuals and influence after his appearance at a CELINE event in Japan.


Since becoming the ambassador for CELINE, V has showcased why he is the perfect person to represent the brand.

On August 22, V left Korea to go on an overseas schedule in Japan. Of course, the idol looked perfect and extremely handsome as he greeted all the reporters. Many assumed that, like fellow CELINE ambassador Park Bo Gum, he was going to an event with the brand.

Even with no information, as soon as news was spread that V was coming to Japan, the lines started forming outside of the CELINE shops.

Of course, when it was confirmed that V would attend a CELINE event on August 23, crowds started gathering to make sure they got the perfect spot to see the idol. It meant that when V finally made an appearance, he was treated to so many fans sharing their love for him.

Videos from other angles showed that V noticed all the fans and made sure to greet them all, even if they were standing further away from the store. As he walked past the fans, he made sure to greet them all with a huge smile on his face.

| @BRILLER__613/Twitter

In photos from V’s entrance, the idol not only showcased the idol’s dazzling visuals (in a purely stunning outfit) but also the true extent of his influence and popularity.

When inside, V showcased his unreal visuals and charm when chatting with various media outlets.


While it shouldn’t be surprising, V’s impact worldwide never ceases to shock fans. Even before anything was confirmed, fans were gathering to see V, and the crowd’s reaction showed how loved the idol was.

Source: theqoo