BTS V’s Chinese Fanclub Sets Record Breaking Fundraiser For His Birthday In December

They just keep creating and breaking their own records!

BTS V’s China fan base CHINA Baidu Vbar, has once again created the new record for the fastest fundraising of Chinese K-Pop fan bases.

On May 8 at 8 PM CST, they officially launched the Kim Taehyung birthday fundraising project, Everlasting & Infinity.


Their official Twitter account announced that they raised $478,818 USD in just one minute and $842,500 USD in just one hour!

They totally beat last year’s record of $144,552 USD in one minute and $867,315 USD in 59 days and 14 minutes.

What’s even more insane is that these donations have been collected in order to prepare for V’s birthday on December 30!

With each year getting bigger and better, fans can’t help but anticipate what type of event they will prepare for his special day.

Although it is a day of celebration, many of V’s fan bases have worked together to bring positive influence through different acts of kindness including donations in his name.

It looks like we’re going to have to wait a little over half a year to see the final outcome from these projects!

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