ARMYs Don’t Believe Or Agree With BTS V’s Recent Comments During The Newest “Suchwita”

ARMYs even have the proof!

BTS‘s V has made netizens LOL after ARMYs couldn’t disagree more with the idol’s take on the group’s “Chapter 2.”

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On September 11, BTS’s V was the final member of the group to appear on Suga‘s series Suchwita.

While the episode was full of a lot of laughter and also moments of reflection, there was one statement from V that ARMYs couldn’t help but disagree with. During the video, they chatted about the members’ accomplishments and the songs they’ve released individually.

After seeing the accomplishments of the members through their solo activities, V seemed to want to get something off his chest after seeing what ARMYs had been speaking about. In regard to the next part of their journey, which was dubbed “Chapter 2,” V hilariously explained, “Chapter 2 has nothing to do with taking our shirts off.”

Photos of Jungkook and Jimin then came up, and of course, even Suga had to mention that there were members who had shown some skin.

Yet, even with Suga acknowledging that there were many members who went shirtless, V seemed adamant that it wasn’t about taking their shirts off.

Of course, it has been a running joke that “Chapter 2” was all to do with members going shirtless, and it seems like most of the members have managed to kill ARMYs with their physiques somehow.

BTS’s Jin going shirtless to show his tattoo | @jin/Instagram
Even Jungkook’s latest editorial shows him shirtless | Dazed
BTS’s V going shirtless in an editorial
Even Suga showed some skin | @agustd/Instagram

After seeing all the photos, it meant that when V said that, while some ARMYs couldn’t hide their LOL’ing after realizing that the idol was probably lurking on social media, seeing everyone’s tweets about BTS’s “Chapter 2″…

Others joked that they couldn’t really believe what V was saying, even joking that he had gone shirtless since the start of “Chapter 2.”

While V might like to say “Chapter 2” isn’t about being shirtless, ARMYs definitely have proof to show otherwise.



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