ARMYs Think BTS’s V Was Made To Delete His Latest Instagram Pictures… All For The Sake Of Account Aesthetics

ARMYs are worried that he was forced to do it by the staff!

On December 6, BTS sent the internet into meltdown after all of the members opened personal Instagram accounts. Since that day, ARMYs worldwide have been treated to a flood of content from all the members, whether it’s photos, interactions with each other, or just trying to work out how to use the platform.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

As expected, one person who is definitely catching the attention of fans is V, who has already broken two huge records after creating his account “ThV.” He has also treated fans to several images ranging from photoshoots, museum sculptures, and even his dog Yeontan.

BTS’s V | @thv/ Instagram

His posts have screamed true V aesthetic with an arty aesthetic that fans knew to expect from him. However, it seems as if this “aesthetic” has become almost expected from V to the extent that it has impacted the way he posts.

On December 8 (KST), V posted some images on his Instagram of his iconic PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE outfit that was Squid Game inspired.

BTS’s V in his “Squid Game” outfit | @thv/ Instagram

After the images were posted, V deleted them, and ARMYs were confused about why he did that as everyone seemed to love them. Even leader RM, Netflix Korea, and Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon liked the images to show their appreciation.

Later in the day, V posted the same images but to his Instagram story, meaning they wouldn’t stay there forever, with the caption, “What’s the Instagram vibe?

Although some ARMYs found it funny that V was trying to stick to an aesthetic for his Instagram, others worried that he was being told what he could and couldn’t post from staff.

It then seemed to be confirmed after a fan messaged V on Weverse asking, “Did Taehyung-ie too receive a talk about ‘Insta vibes'” and he replied with “Yes, that’s right…”

| Weverse

It isn’t new for staff to have control over idols’ social media posts, but fans thought these accounts would be BTS’s chance for freedom and to connect with ARMYs. When this was posted, fans shared their thoughts on what happened.

Yet, it isn’t the first time this has happened to the members. Jungkook also deleted an image on his account of his new MBTI results. He then reposted it on his story with the caption, “People told me you’re not supposed to upload these kinds of posts. What is the vibe of Instagram then?”

It sounds like people told Jungkook that his Instagram feed should only include photos and videos as opposed to screenshots of things like personality test results.

When the accounts were first created, ARMYs thought it would be a way for the members to share their lives without restrictions. It seems like K-Pop continues to showcase that everything in the industry is restricted to some sort of control, even experienced idols like BTS.

Source: ThV