V Skillfully Dodged A Spoiler About BTS’s 2020 Tour

He played it safe, just in case.

BTS‘s members have many skills, but keeping secrets isn’t one of them. They have dropped spoilers about everything from their Muster performances to their world tours!


More often than not, the spoilers come from RM. One of his most iconic slips of the tongue happened in an interview with JJ Ryan on KJ103. RM accidentally revealed details about BTS’s 2018 LOVE YOURSELF tour when he said, “We’re coming back to America for the world tour”.


Ever since Big Hit Entertainment posted the first teaser image for BTS’s 2020 MAP OF THE SOUL tour, fans have been on high alert for hints and clues. The dates and locations were finally announced on January 22, but V didn’t know it.


Since BTS films, records, and plans their content way ahead of its release dates, the members often aren’t sure what has been revealed to fans and what hasn’t been yet. This is one of the reasons why spoilers can happen.


During V’s latest live, a fan brought up the upcoming ticket sales for BTS’s tour.


V paused for a moment, looking at his computer screen, then asked viewers if the concert had been announced.


V reasoned that an announcement had to have been made, otherwise the fan couldn’t have known about it. That said, he didn’t sound entirely confident. After all, ARMYs are very skilled sleuths!


In the end, V played it safe by giving a vague statement. Yes, a BTS concert is coming…someday. Spoiler averted!


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