7 Times BTS’s RM Dropped Spoilers Then Immediately Regretted It

He just can’t keep a secret.

1. 2018 World Tour Announcement

During an interview with JJ Ryan on KJ103, RM accidentally blew open BTS’s “top secret” plans for 2018. Seconds after he said the plans were “confidential”, RM announced, “We’re coming back to America for the world tour”.

As soon as he realized his mistake, he tried to backpedal, but it was too late!

JJ Ryan: Is that a tour announcement? Are we getting a tour?

RM: Um…no, not actually. But that’s our hope.


2. Avengers: End Game

RM is to BTS what Tom Holland is to Marvel: a spoiler tornado that must be stopped at all costs. On April 25, BTS hosted a Q&A at their M2U fan sign. RM told Jin to be quiet after Jin jokingly threatened to drop End Game spoilers, but then RM dropped spoilers himself!


A fan in the audience even scolded him by shouting, “wae guerae! / (왜 그래)”, meaning, “what’s wrong with you?” or “why are you like this?”.


3. BTS WORLD units

Jimin must be a spoiler magnet because RM drops them when he’s around!  During their June 6 livestream, RM revealed that the BTS WORLD OST would have songs by BTS’s units…


…then he tried to snip his mistake out!


4. “Spine Breaker” Muster performance

RM accidentally revealed part of Muster’s setlist during that same broadcast with Jimin. Once the words were out, he couldn’t take them back!

5. 2019 Summer Package in Korea

Since BTS films their content well ahead of its release date, it must be hard to keep track of what’s out and what’s not. The day before the first preview for BTS’s 2019 Summer Package in Korea came out, RM dropped hints about it during Jimin‘s livestream…

…then regretted it.

6. BTS’s Break

During the same broadcast, RM mentioned “hidden stories” that got fans talking. These stories could be connected to the 2019 Summer Package, the Bring The Soul docu-series, or even something that hasn’t gone public yet!


7. BT21 Plushies

Livestreams just aren’t RM’s friends. When a fan asked RM to talk about the dolls in the background, he picked VAN, forgetting that the BT21 plushies hadn’t been released yet.


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