BTS’s RM Accidentally Dropped A Spoiler About BTS WORLD

He tried to edit out his mistake…during a live broadcast.

BigHit Entertainment goes to great lengths to keep their upcoming content on lockdown, but sometimes they get sabotaged…by their own idols!


Ever since the global release date for BTS‘s mobile game was announced, fans have been hyped to play it. BTS WORLD is an interactive, simulation-based mobile game where players will act as BTS’s managers. The game is full of brand new content, including its own OST.


On June 6, RM and Jimin went live with ARMY just to chat. Since RM was feeling shy, he briefly took on the role of MC to take the focus off of himself by interviewing Jimin.


His first question, however, ended up being a spoiler. Jimin’s expression made that perfectly clear!


When RM realized his mistake, he looked straight at the camera…


…then “cut” the spoiler out with finger scissors.


RM and Jimin quickly checked their phones to see if the news had come out…


…and, luckily for them, it had!


If they had recorded their live one day earlier, RM might have been in trouble!