“Spoiler King” RM Drops Hints About BTS’s Vacation Plans

RM may have said more than he should have during Jimin’s broadcast.

BTS‘s private vacation plans are supposed to be, well, private, but spoiler king RM didn’t get that memo.


On August 14, Jimin hosted a 1-hour livestream with RM and Jin. Together they sang, laughed, and chatted about whatever came to mind.


Shortly before RM left the Vlive, he said something that he probably shouldn’t have said. He brought up what fans are calling a ‘hidden story’ about BTS’s rest time.


“The thing that we did at the location where we talked about our vacation wasn’t revealed yet,” he said. “It wasn’t revealed yet, that thing we’re [doing/did]. Anyways, if it wasn’t revealed, it’s best not to talk about it.”


Jimin pretended not to know what RM was talking about, and RM seemed to regret opening his mouth…again.


Now fans are burning with curiosity! Everyone wants to know what BTS is up to.


Hopefully, BTS won’t keep this secret for long, but in the meantime, check out what else happened during Jimin’s broadcast.

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