What Is BTS V’s Motivation?: He Opens Up About His Unexpected “Driving Force”

It’s probably not what you think.

BTS didn’t achieve success overnight. In fact, Big Hit Entertainment (now known as BIGHIT MUSIC) was near bankruptcy before the group’s debut, so they had nothing from the start. Truly, the group members were able to get to where they are through their hard work.

But what is the motivation behind the hard work? Recently, BTS’s V was interviewed by ELLE KOREA. The interviewer commented on V’s unique style of working. Although busy, he doesn’t rush things. So, they asked V what drives him.

You spoke very leisurely during our shoot for YouTube content as well. It seems like you go at your own pace. Taking your time, thinking it over again, and overturning what you’ve already been working on. What’s the driving force behind your work?



V’s answer was simple and unexpected: greed. According to Merriam-Webster, The meaning of GREED is a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (such as money) than is needed.”

I think it’s greed.

— V

In V’s case, he does not necessarily mean he is trying to become even wealthier. He explained in terms of music. He often wants to give up a project because he’s unsatisfied with some aspect of the song he’s working on.

I constantly spend time working on my music, giving up in the process, but I think I’ve also acknowledged the consequences behind it. If I like the melody, I don’t like the lyrics. I need some scolding (laughs). It’s difficult to finish a song that I truly like, but I’m constantly trying my best.

— V

V has teased many unreleased songs on social media that ARMYs hoped would make it to his first solo album. Yet, he has said before that it would go in the trash.

Hopefully, one day, V will find satisfaction with his own music and release it to the world. We know it’ll be amazing!

Source: Elle Korea