BTS’s “Daddy Taehyung” V Teases A New Song…That’s Going In The Trash

“Want to hear it?”

Today, BTS released a new teaser image for their anthology album, PROOF: the final tracklist. Now, is taking “teaser” to the next level!


CD3 of PROOF includes unreleased demos of past BTS songs like “Epiphany,” plus three new songs. In total, PROOF will have five new songs, two of which (Track 02 and Track 04) are CD-only.


There are, however, more new songs in BTS’s vault! Today on Weverse, a fan asked V, “Daddy Taehyung…are you sleeping?” As expected, “DADDY TAEHYUNG” quickly became a trending topic, but V’s reply is front-page news!

| Weverse

V wrote back, “No, I have another song that I’m going to throw out. Want to hear it?” Um, yes! Yes, we do!

| Weverse 

V hopped over to Twitter and posted his song in two videos, one captioned, “Hi,” and the other, “Bye.” Like many of V’s unreleased songs, the lyrics are poetic and romantic, written in English.

Given the clip’s low sound quality, V’s words are difficult to make out, but fans are sharing their best interpretations.

On Weverse, V invited ARMYs to do whatever they wish with his unfinished song to make it their own.

Over the years, V has shared a number of his in-progress songs. Hopefully, one day we will finally hear his first mixtape! Until then, check out these unreleased tracks.

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