BTS V’s Ending Comment For The “Seojin’s” Press Conference Has Fans Confused

Dry humor or sincere confession?

tvN‘s upcoming travel/cooking show Seojin’s just held an online press conference on February 22, where the star-studded cast sat down with an MC to share fun tidbits from their experiences.

Throughout the conference, V kept making funny comments that had his co-stars cracking up. But his closing comments at the end of the event are doing rounds on Twitter because ARMYs can’t decide if he was being serious or not.

As the press conference drew near its end, the MC asked V about the experience of working with his real-life friends. To that, he answered, “I didn’t consider them as my friends. I considered them my colleague and boss during the shoot.” His castmates started laughing in the background at this response.

Later, he emphasized how hard everyone worked for the show, saying, “All we did was work.” When the MC asked each guest for comment before saying goodbye, V looked straight at the camera and said he had gotten an IV thrice since returning from the shoot and that this show contains his bloody hard labor. The comment made the people around him laugh again.

Some fans felt V made the comments half-jokingly, given his typical dry humor tone and the “tata mic” face. The reaction of his castmates also indicated that he was probably joking. But some are unsure if he really joked about the IV part or if it was real.

Though the implication of his comments is in the gray area for now, the fact remains that V gave his best to this project, and there are no two ways about it!