BTS’s V Rocks An Exclusive, Unreleased Outfit From Louis Vuitton At The Airport

Brands often do this to build hype.

BTS are such huge superstars that luxury brands are giving them unreleased outfits to wear! Brands occasionally do that to raise the hype surrounding fresh releases. With 2021/22 S/S coming up, it is no surprise that Louis Vuitton gifted V with an exclusive outfit.

BTS are currently the ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. Despite the hefty prices, they’ve already caused quite a few luxury brand items to sell out. Louis Vuitton decided to up the ante for their S/S collection by previewing it on V.

They gifted him with a long-sleeved shirt with the signature logo on it.

The iconic flower logo is crafted in blue and black.

The look might seem extravagant on some, but on V, it looks just right.

He paired the shirt with pintuck brown slacks, giving it a slightly retro look.

Take a minute to enjoy the view!

Although we don’t know how much this is given that it is unreleased, Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear shirts go north from $1,300 USD usually, with some even hitting the 3000s.

We can’t wait to see the shirt in stores!

Source: theqoo