BTS’s V Looked So Good In A Coat That He Fooled Even Korean News Reporters

They were so taken by him that they got something wrong.

BTS recently made their way to Incheon Airport to head to America for their offline concert and other end-of-year schedules. The boys were decked out in luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, for which they are the ambassadors for.

While they’re giving us serious fashion and travel envy, we couldn’t help but notice V standing out in his beige coat. While the other members looks extremely chic in darker colors, V went for a gentle beige.

In fact, many fans began to praise his fashion sense for looking like a perfect Parisian gentleman!

While his preppy fit of a double-breasted coat, white pressed shirt and green knit vest made him look like every bit the cultured man…

…fans noticed that he was clutching a cup of juice in his hand. That’s right, not coffee, but juice! While his outfit screamed “I only drink espresso”…

…his tastebuds screamed another thing. V is famous for not liking coffee. He usually goes for fruit juice or sometimes, chocolatey drinks.

Here’s another instance where he was spotted with a citrus drink in hand.

But his fashion sense was so convincing that even Korean news reporters were fooled. Many news outlets captioned their posts with things involving a cup of coffee.

  • “BTS V… A World Class Celebrity Enjoying The Freedom Of A Cup Of Coffee”
  • “BTS V, Even Just holding A Cup Of Coffee, It Looks Like A Pictorial”

Well, with his elegant and refined looks, who wouldn’t be fooled? Best of luck to the 7 boys for their schedules!

Source: theqoo