BTS’s V Gains Attention For His Impeccable Fashion Sense On The Way To Las Vegas

The secret is all in the details! Learn his tricks here.

BTS‘s V recently set off for Las Vegas with the other members. They are heading off to attend the 64th Grammy Awards and perform four concerts as part of the “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” tour. RMJinSugaJimin, and V departed together, while Jungkook and J-Hope are leaving at separate times than the members.

While V has always been known for his fashion sense, this time, he outdid himself. Fans had nothing but praise for his dress. Here’s why it’s so amazing.

Firstly, the overall vibe of his outfit is very retro chic. Known for his sentimental personality and love of the classic, V used a rustic brown tone to tie his entire outfit together for the perfect vintage look.

Instead of carrying a luxury bag, he used his self-designed item, the coveted Mute Boston Bag. With its reasonable price and good quality, it sold out within seconds.

The Mute Boston Bag. | HYBE

He even used a wireless headset instead of the usual earbuds that the generation sports. His tousled waves added to the retro feel of his look.

The floral shirt was a stroke of genius. The deep forest green paired perfectly with the rust-brown jacket, and the beige hem tied the look together. An instant trick to look put together is to have matching touches in your outfit. His hem matches the beige wide-legged pants he has on, while the scarf tied to his bag matches the floral print of his shirt.

New white sneakers completed the look, along with a whimsical marine lapel pin.

His makeup was kept minimal, with only a glowy base and some light grooming of the brows.

No one else but him could come up with such a simple yet thoughtful outfit.

Netizens showered him with praise.

| theqoo
  • “His hair and outfit suit him.”
  • “Oh, the bag is pretty, and he’s so cute and handsome.”
  • “He matches the flower prints well. Pretty”
  • “He’s f*cking handsome even with the mask on.”
  • “Does he like brown because he’s a teddy bear?”
  • “The bag and clothes are so suited to him. The watch makes the overall vibes unbeatable.”
  • “Everything is so perfect.”

It’s truly all in the small details! Not everyone will be able to create such a well-put-together outfit. A fashion king, and we love to see it.

Source: theqoo