BTS’s V Forms The Cutest Friendship With His Bodyguard While In Paris For CELINE’s Fashion Week Show

V’s behavior showcases his true personality!

When it comes to BTS‘s V, he truly is the sweetest person in the world. He might be one of the most famous stars around, but his dazzling personality and love for those around him is nothing short of showcasing his humility and appreciation for his success.


Recently, that was on show as V jetted off to Paris, along with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Park Bo Gum, to attend CELINE‘s Paris Fashion show. Whether it was chilling out in the beautiful city or shining at the event itself, V truly gained attention as a global superstar.

BTS’s V in Paris | @thv/Instagram
| @thv/Instagram 

Of course, considering V’s fame and popularity, the idol had a lot of security around him during his various schedules. ARMYs noticed that the bodyguard in charge of V in Paris seemed to have formed an adorable bond with the idol, and they couldn’t get enough of the interactions.

During one of V’s first events, when he went to a CELINE store, netizens noticed the appearance of the bodyguard. He was immediately praised for ensuring V’s safety and remained close to the idol while he was walking around the streets of Paris.

No matter where V went, the bodyguard was on hand to ensure his safety throughout the trip.

As well as protecting V, it seems like the bodyguard has also formed a cute friendship with the idol and has been enjoying some time having fun.

In particular, when V posted videos of himself enjoying some time out and playing basketball. In the background, it seems like the bodyguard is also getting involved and he has the broadest smile on his face as he watched V playing.

Even as their time together came to an end, V’s bodyguard didn’t stop protecting the idol as they arrived at the airport to go back to Korea. In particular, V’s true personality shined as he showed his gratitude to him by giving him the biggest huge for everyone to see.

When the videos were shared and V finally arrived back in Korea, ARMYs couldn’t get over the interactions and many shared how much they were going to miss seeing them together. Like many people, it seems like the bodyguard fell in love with V and his charming personality.

Yet, it isn’t the first time V has been praised for his behavior towards those working with him and trying to protect the idol. In the past, V has always had the cutest interactions with his managers, whether it’s being cute AF or showing huge gratitude when they win awards.

V holds onto his managers shoulders like a puppy!
V doing cute aegyo in a bear mask, and Manager Sejin can’t help but crack a smile!
V ran to thank his manager after receiving their Daesang | BANGTANTV/YouTube

No matter where he is, V continues to prove just how sweet and gentle he is because everyone he meets immediately falls for the idol. V also always ensures that he shows gratitude towards everyone around him and shows his love in the cutest ways.

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