BTS’s V Goes Viral At The GRAMMY Awards For The Third Year In A Row

He collects new fans like trophies.

It’s that time of year again! All the locals are asking the same question; “Who is he?” 

| @HereForTaehyung/Twitter

For the third year in a row, BTS‘s V has gone viral with “locals” (the general public) at the GRAMMY Awards. In 2019, he made headlines as “The Guy With The Green Hair” when he appeared on the red carpet with this minty fresh ‘do.

In 2020, V showed up to the GRAMMY Awards with a gorgeous perm and a black outfit that earned him the fitting nickname, “The Man In Black.”

This year, it didn’t take GRAMMY viewers long to start wildly searching Twitter for Mr. “White Suit Black Hair” after they saw him perform “Dynamite”.

As always, many ARMYs were happy to help these new V stans learn all about him! Check out more of BTS’s new nicknames here:

Who Is He? Here Are BTS’s New Viral Nicknames From The GRAMMY Awards