BTS V’s Sweet Greeting Fluttered Hearts At Incheon Airport

V arrived safely back in Korea with his members.

ARMY‘s “Winter Bear” is back and fluttering hearts around the world!


On September 24, BTS arrived back in Korea after spending a week in New Zealand, filming a travel-reality show. As always, fans and reporters flocked to Incheon International Airport to catch a glimpse of BTS’s return.


V arrived dressed fashionably in black in white, with a bag slung over his shoulder.


V’s bucket hat and mask completely concealed his face as he walked through the airport with his members.


After he stepped outside, however, V gave all the flashing cameras a glimpse of his visuals.


As he made his way to BTS’s vehicle, V glanced up…


…and rolled back his hat’s brim. His mask couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes as he waved hello.


After that, V rolled his brim back down, politely bowing and waving to his admirers.


Check out BTS’s arrival here: