V Shares New Photos From BTS’s Filming In New Zealand

He’s giving fans another sneak peek at BTS’s location.

An update from BTS‘s is getting fans excited for what’s to come!


On September 16, BTS’s flew out to an undisclosed location to film a travel program that may or may not be Season 4 of Bon Voyage. After seeing several members’ on-location photos, fans believed BTS to be somewhere in New Zealand. Ambassador Philip Turner recently confirmed that BTS is indeed in the country.


On September 23, V tweeted these gorgeous photos of himself admiring New Zealand’s wonders.


Here, he stands on the same snowy shore Suga admired in his photos.


In this one, V is the world’s most handsome shepherd, tending his sheep.


The final photo shows the bright blue sky and open green fields that ARMY will surely see more of once BTS’s show airs.


Whatever BTS is working on, fans can’t wait to watch it!