The Secret Change BTS’s V Made To His Hair Between Appearances On 2020 MAMA That No One Noticed

Did you notice?

The 2020 MAMA just concluded recently, with a whopping total of 61 awards given out to this year’s top artists. Out of the 61, BTS swept awards for Album Of The Year, Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10, Best Music Video, Worldwide Icon of The Year, Best Male Group, Song of The Year, and Artist of The Year! Suga also attained Best Collaboration of The Year with IU for “eight”.

| @Mnet_Japan/Twitter

The boys took home 4 daesangs and a total of 7 (8 if you count “eight”) trophies for the night. However, were you eagle-eyed enough to spot the subtle change V made to his hair between speeches? During one of the earlier acceptance speeches, fans noticed that V’s bangs were bothering him as they were too long.

Later on however, he appeared with his bangs significantly shorter!

| pann

Simply curling his hair more would not have shortened it that much, and on both sides as well. Fans speculated that he had gotten a quick haircut in between speeches. An amazing feat considering that artists were not given waiting rooms and had to wait in the car.

What a spectacle it must have been for V to have gotten his hair trimmed in their van! We must say he looks stunning either way. Congratulations to the boys once again on their achievements.

Source: pann