V And His Growth Spurt Are Coming For RM’s Title Of “Tallest BTS Member”

He revealed his new height.

Most people stop growing when they reach adulthood, but that’s not the case for some BTS members.

In November, 25-year-old Jimin announced his new height by sharing the results from his physical on Twitter. After years of being the “short one” at 173.6 cm tall (around 5′ 7″), he is now 174 centimeters, matching Suga‘s height.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

At 181 cm (5’11”), RM is the tallest member of BTS, but it might not be that way forever.

When V went live with fans to celebrate his 25th birthday, he revealed his new height. V was previously 179 cm (5’10.5″), but he is now catching up to his dad’s height. V’s father is 180 cm, and V is now at a similar height, though still shorter than his father.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Naver

Since there is only a one centimeter difference between the height of V’s dad and RM, V could potentially surpass them both if he keeps growing.

Earlier this year, V hoped to become taller in the future. Wish granted!